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Installation of Battery Charging Rack System

At I.T.S.  we’re proud to have completed a comprehensive project in collaboration with a customer of ours. This project involved the installation of a cutting-edge Battery Charging Rack System.

Key Components of the Project Included:

  1. Power from Switchgear: Ensure efficient and reliable operation of the battery charging rack system.
  2. Conduit Rack System: Support the electrical infrastructure required for the battery charging rack.
  3. Conduit Installation: Ease the routing of electrical wiring and cables, ensuring peak performance and safety.
  4. Disconnects: Enabled safe and controlled power isolation for maintenance and troubleshooting purposes.
  5. Power to Rail System: Enabling seamless operation of the battery charging rack.
  6. Feeds to Battery Rack Control Boxes: Ensuring efficient power distribution and management.
  7. Coordination of Outages: We carefully managed outages to ensure the energization of the new system while keeping the old charging rack operational until the new system was fully active.

At I.T.S., we’re dedicated to delivering top notch work that meets the unique needs of our clients. This project exemplifies our expertise in electrical installations and our commitment to excellence in project execution!

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