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Securing Your Property: All About Video Surveillance

Securing your Property: All about Video Surveillance

Security is a vital part of any businesses well being. It gives you, your employees, and patrons the peace of mind that their safety is your top priority. Your safety is I.T.S’s top priority. This includes giving all the necessary information to all of our customers from potential and current. In this blog post we will tell you all about what video surveillance consists of, the benefits, where your cameras should be placed, and why it is so important to secure your property. 

What video surveillance consists of: 

Video surveillance typically consists of a system of security cameras that monitor and record all activity happening in and around where they are installed. Also included in this are monitors for viewing the captured activity, either live or pre-recorded. Those are the two biggest components of video surveillance but also includes are: software, accessories, and cloud services. 

At I.T.S we are a one stop shop for video surveillance services as well as general physical security. Our parts & smarts services allows us to give our customers a full service from design, installation, monitoring, and maintenance

Avigilon surveillance cameras - Mask detection technology

Benefits of video surveillance: 

Video surveillance offers a mix of amazing benefits for those who use it. There are the quite obvious ones such as: lessening crime, reducing theft, improving safety, and collecting evidence. For any industrial or commercial business the previously stated benefits are reason enough to invest in a video surveillance system. Video surveillance helps keep employees, customers, and trade secrets safe. 

On top of the generally known benefits of surveillance systems some other ones that industrial and commercial businesses should consider are: improved productivity, insurance, and resolving disputes. Through monitoring the happenings of the building employers can make sure all are following the rules stated by the company. The company can also use this as insurance in case of any injury on the work site. Relating to insurance, video monitoring can also help solve disputes by having the truth captured on video. 

Places you should place cameras: 

Placing your video surveillance cameras in the most optimized spots is crucial for maximizing security and coverage. Cameras should be strategically installed at key entry and exit points to monitor all access routes. If you would like to place them in-doors as well, high-traffic areas, such as lobbies, hallways, and common spaces should be covered to ensure the best visibility.

Additionally, placing cameras in parking lots and outdoor areas enhances outdoor security. If your company has valuable assets it is essential to monitor sensitive areas, including server rooms, storage facilities, and restricted zones. By thoughtfully positioning surveillance cameras, businesses can ensure a safer and more secure environment for employees and visitors.

Why you should secure your property: 

Security should be the top priority of any owner for a property. Having a fully designed and optimized security system gives peace of mind to employers, employees, guests, customers, and any person visiting your business. Video surveillance consisting of a well designed camera system with monitoring at the best points at your business allows you to make sure your business is protected and productive. We here at I.T.S are your one stop shop for all your physical security needs. Make us your partner in safety!


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