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Complete Commercial Boiler Replacement at EIS Wire

I.T.S. is currently working with EIS Wire in South Hadley MA to replace their commercial boilers. Prior to this I.T.S. had worked with EIS Wire to replace some of their A/C Units. When they began to have issues with their boilers they gave I.T.S. a call because we are experts in boiler replacements.

To start, our team of experienced plumbers demolished their current broken boiler. We then were able to install their new and improved boiler. We returned heat to their building and improved their working conditions!

Because our I.T.S. plumbers are top notch, EIS Wire hired us to continue work on their commercial boiler system. We are currently working on the demolition and replacement of their other boiler. Be sure to check back in to see the full finished project with EIS Wire!

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