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I.T.S. can provide complete turnkey solutions for all types of fire systems from design & engineering, to installation, programming, and testing. I.T.S.’s complete Parts & Smarts solutions ensures that you’re getting the best quality for the best price when dealing with every piece of equipment and every bit of programming required for your job!

Big manufacturers want you to buy their newest systems, but all for additional costs and fees on top of keeping you locked into yearly contracts. I.T.S. is here to do away with all of that. We give you the freedom that you need while also giving you the best price – period – whether you choose to install or upgrade your fire system. I.T.S.’s knowledge is vast, as we have expert-technicians and engineers on-staff familiar with every big-name manufacturer’s system, both new and old. Let us do the hard work, and furnish your next installation or equipment upgrade, install, design, engineering, programming, testing, and filing; making your experience with I.T.S.

We can design, install, inspect and service various major fire alarm systems.

We are certified to make program changes and repairs on the following systems: Gamewell, Fire-Lite by Honeywell, SilentKnight by Honeywell and more. Specifically, we are an authorized Gamewell FCI distributor and an authorized Gamewell FCI service center. Our factory trained Gamewell FCI technicians are highly experienced working with FCI 7100 and E-3 series systems. 

Our fire alarm system professionals specialize in the following:

  • Large to small full renovations of any system
  • Complete system design and installation 
  • Installation of a mass notification system – classic/broadband voice evacuation 
  • Installation of fire alarm system monitoring with online access 
  • Installation of fire extinguisher and hood suppression systems 
  • Preventative maintenance programs and service contracts 
  • Integrating existing systems 
  • Full system inspections and testing 
  • Troubleshoot system malfunctions
  • Equipment replacement

Being a full service department, we are also an authorized distributors Protectowire Fire Systems and DMP products. We provide our customers with unrivaled service and therefore use the highest quality fire protection products on the market. We only provide our customers with the most reliable service and products on the market. 

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