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Industrial Technical Services, Inc. believes worker safety is of the utmost importance. Our safety services department works to ensure that all job sites are compliant with all safety laws and regulations established and enforced by:

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  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • The DOT (Department of Transportation)
  • All other applicable local, state and/or federal safety and health regulations
  • The general contractor and any client specific requirements

Employee Safety Training

We believe that with proper employee training in, and constant, consistent enforcement of, the safety policies and procedures we have put in place, we can create a safe, productive and harmonious work environment. With our weekly, in-house safety trainings and frequent safety tests, we can be confident we’re providing our customers with experts in the field.

Safety Committee

Our safety committee consists of the safety office, hourly workers, supervisors and an office manager. They meet quarterly to develop safe work practices, promote employee interest in safety, review accident reports/investigations and implement corrective action as needed, and more. Our team of professionals conduct and participate in specific safety programs and ensure safety certifications are up to date.

Job Hazard Analysis

The safety department experts perform onsite visits where they perform job hazard analysis (JHA) to identify any safety risks before they occur. Once hazards are identified, our team will work with the client to reduce and eliminate the risk. With worker and job site safety being an ever changing topic, customers can be certain that any of our experts they work with have received cutting-edge training, are up to date on their certifications and can provide safety training to others as needed.

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