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ITS provides a wide range of automation services, including complete facility communication and control, custom machine design and ABB Robotics integration. Through the use of programmable logic controllers, ITS can provide complete plant communication all controlled by anything from an accessible touchscreen to a laptop. Custom machines can be designed to handle a wide range of processes including manufacturing, machine tending, and material handling. Moreover, integration with an ABB robotics product offers almost endless possibilities as a robot is able to handle a myriad of tasks with the proper End of Arm Tooling tailored to your specific application. ITS offers rapid machine prototyping, proof of concept and shorter lead times, as the engineering team is supported by a stellar fabrication shop, where the building of machine’s can be started on day one. Throughout the stages of concept, design, assembly, and testing, the experienced engineering team is able to work closely with the customer to ensure a seamless end product, all the while using the industry leader in 3D modeling software, Solidworks. 3D modeling offers robust, rapid design capabilities and will ensure the customer is fully aware of the machine’s functional ability as the design progresses. Industrial Technical Services can provide complete service to industry under one roof, one call to ITS and everything from concept to install is handled seamlessly, employing experienced Electricians, HVAC techs, Plumbers and much more.

UL 508A Certified Industrial Control Panel Manufacturing Shop 

When you work with us, you can be certain you’re getting a full service automation team. We have our own control panel manufacturing shop where we specialize in custom manufacturing, installation, design and fabrication of any type of control panel. 

While robotics is a key part of our automation services, we also offer a number of additional automation services.

Our capabilities include:

  • UL 508A Certified Industrial Certified Panel Shop
  • PLC, HMI, and SCADA Certified Programming
  • Process instrumentation
  • Radio Telemetry
  • ABB Robotics
  • Complete Machine Fabrication shop
  • Engineering Services (Machine Design)

In coordination with the customer, our Automation Design/Build team took a simple description of the customer’s needs and transformed it into a product that could be implemented into existing production lines without disrupting the flow of manufacturing. The intent of the build was to create a highly accurate inspection station. Machine life and output consistency ensures the customer that this system will reduce or eliminate product inconsistency within the manufacturing process. The machine uses a state-of-the-art vision system that measures a part’s diameter up to .0001” as they roll past the machine’s camera; in under a second, the control panel determines if the part is within the 4 decimal point tolerance, then determines if the part is over/under or within the allowed limits. From this point the system will kick the part in question out of the production stream while all acceptable product parts are moved forward to continue the customer’s manufacturing process.

ABB Robotics Value Provider Program

As a leading provider of automation services for industrial and commercial companies, our robotics division plays a key role in our automation services. We have partnered with ABB Robotics to provide our clients with specialized robots that are automated and programmable – one of the few robotics providers in the area. 

Our automation professionals customize each robot to the customer’s needs and specialize in robotic engineering, tool design and fabrication, control panel fabrication, PLC programming and more. We offer complete robotic automation services from start to finish.

While robotics is a key part of our automation services, we also offer a number of additional automation services.

ABB specialized robot - complete robotic automaton services
ABB specialized robot - complete robotic automaton services
ABB specialized robot - complete robotic automaton services

PLC and HMI Programming + SCADA Systems

Our automation specialists specialize in PLC and HMI programming along with various brands of equipment including Allen Bradley, AutomationDirect, C-Moore, EZ-Touch, Maple Systems, General Electric, Siemens and Modicon. Our wide range of experience in PLC and HMI programming allows us to provide automation services for all types of systems. 

Specializing in SCADA systems allows our automation professionals to provide you with real-time data and monitor your equipment. A SCADA system allows you to be notified of any issues immediately and in turn, allows us to respond quickly. SCADA systems we install and maintain include packages from National Instruments Lookout, Wonderware and FactoryTalk.

Process Instrumentation + Radio Telemetry

As a full service automation team, we provide onsite or offsite calibration services on your systems. We are also licensed in UHF and VHF frequencies and specialize in radio telemetry services. Largely used in water and waste-water applications we have extensive experience working with Teledesign Systems, Simrex and Prosoft.

For an experienced industrial or commercial automation services team that you can rely on to provide you with cutting edge technology, ITS is the match for you. We can truly provide you with an array of top of the line robotic and automation services despite the system you’re working with. 

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