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I.T.S. is currently working on an Air Farm project for a client located in Windsor Locks, Connecticut.

At I.T.S. we’re excited to showcase our recent project involving the installation an Air Farm. This cutting-edge system of air compressors is designed to support various industrial applications, providing a reliable source of compressed air for our clients’ operations and supply chain business.

Our team is working closely with the client to assess their specific needs and design a customized air farm solution that meets their requirements. We ensured that every aspect of the installation was meticulously planned and executed.

With our expertise in; industrial automation, plumbing, and equipment installation, we are successfully completing the air farm installation on time and within budget. The new system is  up currently and running, delivering reliable compressed air to support our client’s production processes. We will be doing continuing work with this client on this amazing project. 

Stay tuned for more updates on our current projects and how we’re helping businesses thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

The current piping delivering compressed air to the system.

Plumbing and Automation Services at the Air Farm

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