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Automated 4 Gallon Bottle Palletizer Solution by I.T.S.

I.T.S. was tasked with automating a manual bottle-palletizing process, specifically for 32-pound, 4-gallon water-cooler style bottles. Previously, manual production limited output to about 4500 bottles per day due to the cumbersome nature of moving these heavy bottles onto pallets.

After designing and implementing a dual-cell setup, our automated palletizer can stack two pallets simultaneously, processing 5 bottles at a time across 4 rows and 2 layers. This efficient process takes approximately 2 minutes per pallet, surpassing the upstream bottle filling machine’s speed. Post-installation, our system now achieves a daily production rate of over 7500 bottles.

Notably, this solution freed up two employees for other roles, running 12 hours daily with a capacity of nearly 250,000lbs of water per day. Featuring electrically driven linear actuators, pneumatically driven grips, and a comprehensive safety system, our palletizer ensures employee safety while enhancing efficiency.

With a user-friendly touchscreen HMI, operators can easily manage and utilize the machine. This innovative solution exemplifies ITS’s commitment to providing comprehensive automation systems, from concept to installation, improving facility processes and offering a one-stop-shop for all industry needs.

Water Bottle Palletizer

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